Ford Recalls over 1 million Vehicles

Ford Motor Company has issued a recall for nearly 1.4 million 2013-2014 model Escape and C-Max vehicles due to issues with both airbag deployment and door handles.

According to the company, a computer glitch may delay the deployment of airbags in rollover accidents, increasing the risk of serious or fatal injury. Improper latching of door handles was also cited as a safety concern, as this issue can allow doors to open while the vehicle is in motion.

More Recalls

Recalls concerning defective vehicles have become so common, you may be tempted to stop paying attention. This, however, is never a good idea.

If you receive a recall notice from an auto manufacturer, you should carefully follow the steps they require to help protect yourself and your family against injury. If a vehicle defect causes or exacerbates an injury, you should contact California car accident lawyer Mickey Fine to discuss your rights and learn about what you may be entitled to.

Vehicle defects injure and kill thousands of people every year. Mickey Fine is prepared to hold the manufacturers of defective vehicles accountable and fight tooth and nail for the full compensation victims of these companies are due.

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