Eli MolinaIf you met Eli, he was hard to forget. He had a distinctive, commanding presence, a big hearty smile, and a great sense of humility and humor. He was optimistic and always had a firm handshake.

Eli came from humble beginnings and never forgot it. His father was a migrant worker. Growing up, Eli’s family was uprooted many times, moving to go to wherever crops had to be harvested so his father could make a living.

Eli pursued a career in law enforcement. He ascended to commander of the highway patrol before he retired. We had the pleasure of working with Eli for many years at our office, where he served as our lead in-house investigator.

Eli believed that he had an obligation to help and serve others. If you were lucky enough to be his friend, or even knew him, chances are he did something to make your life better. He certainly did for everybody that he worked with at our office and for our clients, too.

We lost a very special person way too soon. We miss him very much.