Located in Kern County, Bakersfield, California is one of the fastest growing areas of the state. It is the seat of Kern County, whose two largest industries are oil and agriculture. In fact, Kern County is the nation’s leading oil producing county with ten percent of all domestic oil production coming from this one area.

Bakersfield Highlights

Some of the important historical highlights that took place in Bakersfield, include:

  • Founded in 1869 and named after Colonel Thomas Baker, which was originally called Baker’s Field. It was originally called Kern Island, but that settlement was swept away in an 1862 flood.
  • Home to several national and regional companies who specialize in agriculture. Kern County is one of the top five agricultural counties in the country, producing crops of   alfalfa, almonds, carrots, citrus, cotton, grapes, and roses.
  • Birthplace of the country music subgenre known as the Bakersfield Sound, made popular by local native Merle Haggard and later Buck Owens.
  • Largest number of Basque restaurants in the United States.

Mickey Fine, Southern California Native

Bakersfield Personal injury attorney Mickey Fine was raised in Venice, California, roughly one hundred miles from Bakersfield. He attended local schools in Southern California, and went to U.S.C. He is dedicated to helping Bakersfield residents, and cares deeply about the community at large. Mr. Fine is a member of the Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Fine’s law offices are centrally located in Bakersfield, near Park Plaza.

Mr. Fine volunteers with Robinson Elementary School in Manhattan Beach, and is a certified Blue Zones walking school bus driver.

If you live in or around Bakersfield, California and would like to learn more about Mr. Fine, please contact the Law Offices of Mickey Fine today.