Confidential Wrongful Death Case

Wrongful Death Case

Mickey Fine and co-counsel represented the surviving mother and child of a 26 year-old woman who was killed in an automobile crash. This case was litigated for about one year. The case settled shortly after expert witness depositions were taken.

Semi-Truck v. Automobile

Big rig disputed clear liability.  Client suffered herniated disc, requiring surgeries. Case settled during expert discovery.

U-turn on Pacific Coast Highway

Plaintiff suffered two broken ankles.  The defense claimed plaintiff had fully recovered.  The case settled shortly before trial began.

Personal Injury

Pedestrian plaintiff was walking in a parking lot to a grocery store when hit by car. Liability was disputed. The driver argued that the pedestrian darted out in front of driver. The pedestrian suffered a broken shoulder.

Jury Trial Verdict

Mickey Fine and Co-Counsel represented a European tourist who was injured while riding a motorcycle on Highway 1 near San Luis Obispo. The client was involved in a collision with a sedan going the opposite direction. The sedan driver denied fault until shortly before trial. The clients injuries included, a fractured femur, broken tibia and broken metatarsals. The clients medical bills were approximately $166,000.00. The clients final offer to settle during trial was for $750,000.00. The case was tried in Orange County Superior Court.

Jury Trial

A policyholder car was stolen. Defendant Sterling Casualty Insurance claimed that the car was not stolen and denied the claim. This bad faith case was tried in front of a jury. The case settled for a confidential sum during jury deliberations. (Turner v. Sterling Casualty Insurance)

Automobile Personal Injury

Truck driver was rear-ended and suffered a herniated disk. Case settled during expert discovery.

Automobile Personal Injury

Defendant driver lost control on Freeway, injuring plaintiffs.

Automobile Personal Injury

Taxi-cab passenger injured his back in a roll-over accident. Case settled during litigation.

405 Car Accident

Automobile crash client suffered bulging disc in neck requiring surgery.

Truck Accident on Highway 99

Motor home v. Tractor trailer accident.  Defense disputed liability blaming the injured motor home driver.  Case settled   after plaintiff won a motion to add a claim for punitive damages.

Professional Negligence/Insurance Bad Faith Settlement

Defendant insurance agent failed to procure collision coverage for plaintiff’s Mitsubishi automobile as requested. Plaintiff had a collision and the car was a total loss. Defendant insurance company improperly denied the claim. Plaintiff sought attorneys fees, loss-of-use damages, credit rating damages and punitive damages. The matter was litigated for almost one year. Both defendants contributed to a confidential settlement.