Driver distraction is one of the leading causes of car accidents in California, but many people fail to realize what distraction really is. Much of the talk about distraction focuses on cellphone use and car accidents, and not without good reason. According to the National Safety Council, cellphone use alone is a factor in nearly 30 percent of all car accidents. However, cellphone use is far from the only type of driver distraction. Any injury caused by a driver not paying attention to the road is deserving of attention from an experienced car accident attorney.

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Defining Distraction

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has three classifications for distraction:

  • Manual – Includes cellphone use, adjusting a radio, changing a CD, eating, drinking, applying makeup, and anything else that takes your hands off of the wheel
  • Visual – Includes looking at GPS or another type of screen, reading or writing a text, selecting a song on an MP3 player, and anything else that takes your eyes off of the road
  • Cognitive – Includes daydreaming or anything else that takes your mind off of the task of operating a vehicle

Of course, most car accidents caused by distraction include a combination of these things. Even simple tasks such as changing a radio station can involve all three types of distraction and greatly increase the risk of causing an accident.

Some forms of distraction are illegal in California and can result in fines and other penalties, but even these consequences do nothing to help victims of distracted drivers get justice. To get justice following injury caused by an inattentive driver, you need an aggressive car accident attorney on your side. Bakersfield car accident lawyer Mickey Fine is here to take your case and fight for you.

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