Truck Collides with California Metrolink Train

Early Tuesday morning, a truck became stuck on the train tracks in the farmlands of Oxnard. At the same moment, a Metrolink train was bearing down on the vehicle. The ensuing truck accident caused the Metrolink train to derail. More than two dozen people were injured.

The truck driver said he turned on his high beams and tried to do everything possible to remove his truck from the tracks. He even got out and started pushing the vehicle. The truck wouldn’t budge. Eventually, he abandoned the vehicle to avoid getting crushed by the train.

There were 28 people on the train who were hospitalized after the accident. Four of them, including the engineer, are in critical condition. The engineer’s heart stopped twice, and he’s currently on a ventilator.

The truck driver was arrested on felony hit-and-run charges after he fled the scene. He was found by police officers about a mile and a half away. It’s still uncertain if alcohol was a factor in the truck accident.

The crossing area where the accident occurred is known as a transportation hazard. Last year, a fatal accident occurred in the same spot. It’s unclear why a highway overpass hasn’t been built to improve the safety of the area.

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