Bakersfield Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving Bakersfield California

The Growing Problem of Distracted Driving in Bakersfield, CA: Know Your Rights Car crashes have been around for as long as cars themselves. And for nearly three centuries, the dangers of driving have been the […]

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Oil Field Injury

Oil Field Injury Attorney Bakersfield California

Hurt on the Job While Working in a California Oil Field? You Aren’t Alone. You can’t talk about the Bakersfield, California economy without mentioning oil fields. And you can’t talk about oil fields without mentioning […]

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Heavy Equipment Accidents

Heavy Machinery Accidents Bakersfield

Here in Kern County and the surrounding area, we’re no strangers to accidents at construction sites, on oil fields, and in public works projects. If you work in the California construction industry or a related […]

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Common Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents

Common Causes Semi Truck Accidents Bakersfield

As society evolves, it tends to become both safer and more efficient. Factories are automated, diseases are prevented, and people live longer. But on the automotive front, very little has changed in the dangerous world […]

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How to Hire an Auto Accident Attorney

How to Hire Accident Attorney

Feeling Overwhelmed? This Easy Guide Will Help… Hiring a lawyer isn’t the kind of thing most people think about until they need one. Maybe nothing was further from your mind at the beginning of the […]

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Wrongful Death Statistics in California

Wrongful Death Stats California

The concept of wrongful death as a legal complaint is a difficult one to understand. After all, death is always a tragedy, but it’s also a fact of life, and it isn’t always someone’s fault. […]

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Neck Injury After a Car Accident

Bakersfield Neck Injury Lawyers

Why Auto Neck Injuries Happen (and What You Can Do About Them) For some reason, people tend to think of neck injuries as “less serious” than other kinds of car accident injuries. Insurance companies have […]

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5 Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycle Safety Tips California

Spend a lot of time on motorcycles? Or maybe even just once in a blue moon? If so, you know that motorcycle safety isn’t exactly intuitive. Biking is a skill, and so is avoiding injury […]

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Know Your Rights as a Motorcycle Rider

Motorcycle Rights in California

Someone has to look out for the rights of motorcyclists in California. After all, most of the biker accidents in our state are caused by other drivers — the motorists in their pickup trucks, passenger […]

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