How to Choose a Bakersfield Car Accident Lawyer

After suffering a serious injury in a car crash, it is in your best interest to seek the help of a knowledgeable attorney to recover your physical, emotional, and financial losses. However, choosing the right lawyer is not as simple as going online and clicking on the first paid advertisement you find. You need to make an informed decision, and you need to choose a lawyer who you believe gives you the best chance of recovering your accident-related losses.

Bakersfield car accident lawyer Mickey Fine has helped the wrongfully injured across California for decades. He has the knowledge, skill, and resources needed to fight for the maximum compensation to which you may be entitled under the law.

Choosing a Car Accident Lawyer In Bakersfield

Here are 10 important factors to consider as you make your decision: 

1. Practice Areas

Winning a car accident case requires an in-depth understanding of California’s insurance and personal injury laws. It also requires intimate familiarity with insurance company tactics and strategies, and it requires the ability to provide effective representation at trial when necessary. With this in mind, you will want to choose a lawyer who focuses on handling car accidents and other personal injury claims—not handling divorces, bankruptcies, or other legal matters. 

2. Experience

Along with practice area focus, relevant experience is also extremely important. Think about it: Would you rather hire a lawyer fresh out of law school, or would you prefer to entrust your case to a lawyer who has been representing car accident victims for more than 30 years? In general, the more experience a lawyer has, the more insights he or she will bring to fighting for maximum compensation on your behalf. 

3. Results

Of course, not all experience is the same. Even if a lawyer has been practicing for 30 years, if he or she does not have a strong track record, then that lawyer isn’t likely to be the best choice for your case. On the other hand, if a lawyer has decades of experience and a proven record of success, then he or she might be the right choice for you. 

4. Reviews

Client reviews can be extremely helpful when choosing a Bakersfield car accident lawyer. If past clients have had positive experiences, then there is a good chance that you will have a positive experience as well. If a past client was willing to take time out of his or her day to record a video testimonial, then you know that he or she was truly satisfied. 

5. Fee Structure

When you have a car accident case, you should not have to pay anything upfront for your legal representation. You also should not have to pay anything at all unless your lawyer helps you obtain an insurance settlement or wins your case at trial. This is known as contingency-fee representation, and it is standard in personal injury law. If a Bakersfield car accident lawyer does not offer contingency-fee representation, you will want to choose another lawyer. 

6. Accessibility 

After a car accident, it is important to conduct an investigation right away. There are also some important steps you need to take quickly to make sure you can recover the full compensation you deserve. As a result, you need to choose a lawyer who is available 24/7. 

7. Responsiveness

Once you become a client, you will still need your lawyer to respond to your questions promptly. From getting status updates to making decisions about things like who to see for treatment or when to return to work, you cannot afford to wait hours, let alone days, waiting to hear back. With this in mind, you should choose a lawyer who will respond as soon as possible whenever you need to get in touch. 

8. Team

Pursuing a successful car accident claim requires a team. While your lawyer will handle most of the work, your lawyer will need to rely on an investigator and paralegal to help gather evidence and move your case forward as quickly as possible. A lawyer who has an in-house team – as opposed to working with outside professionals – won’t have to wait to get the help he or she needs to pursue your case effectively. 

9. Confidence

The lawyer you choose should have unwavering confidence in his or her ability to help you recover just compensation. This doesn’t mean the lawyer should guarantee a successful outcome – no lawyer can make this guarantee – but it does mean the lawyer should firmly believe he or she can give you the best shot at a full recovery. 

10. Commitment 

Finally, the Bakersfield car accident lawyer you choose should be 100% committed to helping you win the compensation you deserve. When you leave your free initial consultation, you should have no doubt whatsoever that the lawyer is prepared to do everything he or she possibly can to help you move on from your car accident. 

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