What Are the Leading Causes of Bakersfield Car Accidents?

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When you get injured in a car accident, determining the cause of the accident is a key step in the recovery process. In order to file a claim, you need proof of liability. This means that you need evidence of who is responsible for the accident and how it occurred.

Car accidents can have many different causes. While some of these causes are driver-related, others are not. As a result, you cannot automatically assume that the other driver’s insurance company is liable. Instead, you need to hire a lawyer to conduct an investigation, collect evidence, and build a strong claim on your behalf.

Here are seven of the most common causes of car accidents in and around Bakersfield:

1. Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is among the leading causes of car accidents in Bakersfield, throughout California, and nationwide. While talking on the phone and texting are the most common forms of driver distraction, using in-car infotainment systems, talking to passengers, eating and drinking, and rubbernecking are all forms of distraction that can lead to serious and fatal accidents.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles breaks driving distractions down into three categories: manual, visual, and cognitive. Handheld cell phone use falls into all three categories. With this in mind, it isn’t hard to see why drivers who are using their phones are to blame for a significant percentage of all car accidents in Bakersfield.

2. Impaired Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs is another leading cause of car accidents in Bakersfield. Unfortunately, many drivers don’t know their limits, and many more simply choose to ignore them.

Impaired drivers are hazards to everyone on the road, and they are responsible for thousands of fatal accidents in California every year. Drivers who cause accidents when they are drunk or high may face criminal charges as well as civil liability for the injuries and deaths they cause.

3. Drowsy Driving

Whether the result of getting up early or staying up late, drowsy driving is extremely risky as well. Fatigue has many of the same impairment effects as intoxication; the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that drowsy drivers are responsible for close to 100,000 accidents in the U.S. each year.

4. Aggressive or Reckless Driving

Bakersfield has more than its fair share of aggressive and reckless drivers. Speeding, tailgating, running red lights and stop signs, and passing illegally are all common examples of aggressive and reckless driving behaviors that frequently lead to serious and fatal collisions.

5. Careless Driving

All types of careless driving mistakes have the potential to lead to accidents. While careless drivers might not think they are taking the same risks as those who choose to text or behave aggressively behind the wheel, the reality is that careless drivers can be just as dangerous to other motorists. For example, merging or pulling out into traffic without looking, changing lanes without signaling, and turning left without the right of way are all common – and entirely preventable – causes of car accidents in Bakersfield.

6. Vehicle Maintenance Issues and Defects

As we mentioned above, not all causes of car accidents are related to the negligence of drivers. In many cases, car accidents result from issues with one or more of the vehicles involved.

Inadequate vehicle maintenance is a common (and dangerous) issue, and vehicle defects are far more common than most people realize. As a result, many car accidents in Bakersfield are caused by issues such as:

  • Brake failures
  • Burned out headlights, taillights, and brake lights
  • Engine, transmission and accelerator defects
  • Electrical system malfunctions
  • Self-driving technology failures
  • Tire failures

7. Road Maintenance Issues and Defects

In addition to vehicle maintenance issues and defects, poorly designed and inadequately maintained roads also lead to a number of car accidents in and around Bakersfield. While most of Bakersfield’s roads are in pretty good shape, there are exceptions.

Defective road design, faulty road construction, and inadequate road maintenance (i.e., failure to remove debris or repair a pothole) can cause drivers to suddenly and unexpectedly lose control. This in turn can lead to collisions involving one or more vehicles.

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