Cellphone Courtesy Month

Texting While Driving in Bakersfield

The National Safety Council reports that 26% of all serious auto accidents are a result of cellphone use alone. This includes texting and typing, but also dialing numbers or simply looking at the screen. Our society’s obsession with constant connection has now resulted in a culture of inattention as we struggle to multitask while only briefly allowing ourselves to remove eyes from screen.

July is National Cellphone Courtesy Month and consensus holds that causing car accidents is far from courteous. Perhaps the best way to honor this month’s intention is committing to turning your cellphone off every time you get in the car. It really is the only way to be sure you do not use it while driving.

While distracted driving is indeed epidemic, cellphones now play a central role in several other types of accidents as well. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons reports that four in ten Americans have been injured due to cellphone use while walking, and incidents of distracted boating, swimming, skiing, and bicycling are also on the rise. And despite significant evidence that our brains are nearly incapable of using a cellphone while doing anything else, we seem unwilling to put these devices down when our attention is needed elsewhere.

You alone can control how you use your cellphone. During Cellphone Courtesy month, consider your behaviors and make adjustments that help protect you and everyone around your from harm.

Not everyone will commit to responsible behavior and those who do not are likely to cause harm to others. If you become the victim of a reckless cellphone user in California, please contact the Law Offices of Mickey Fine to learn how we can help. Our personal injury attorney maintains offices in Bakersfield to better serve men and women living throughout our state.

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