36 Million Expected to Drive this Weekend

Fourth of July Car Accidents

AAA predicts that 43 million Americans will travel a distance greater than 50 miles to reach their 4th of July destination. 84% of those – 36 million – will do so entirely by car, truck, motorcycle, or SUV. If you plan on traveling this Fourth of July weekend, please practice caution to help ensure everyone arrives safely at their destination.

Car accidents are a leading cause of injury over busy holiday weekends. You can do your part to help prevent these accidents by never drinking and driving and by taking every step to avoid distraction. This means, in many cases, turning your cellphone off entirely, programing your GPS before you begin driving, and allowing a passenger to adjust music and air conditioning. It also mean not eating, grooming, rubbernecking, reading billboards, or engaging in any other form of distraction. Remember, one in five serious car accidents are caused by a distracted driver. Do your part to reduce distracted driving car accidents.

Playing it safe, driving courteously, and taking time to get to your 4th of July party are great ways to prevent causing an accident, but may not be enough to prevent someone else from doing so. If you are injured this holiday weekend, Bakersfield car accident attorney Mickey Fine can help you get fair compensation. Please contact us online or call (661) 333-3333 to schedule a free consultation and learn more.