How to Choose a Bakersfield Personal Injury Lawyer

a woman calls a personal injury lawyer after a crash | The Law Offices of Mickey Fine

At the Law Offices of Mickey Fine, our Bakersfield personal injury lawyer has an excellent reputation and 20-year track record for recovering compensation for injured victims and their families. Contact our offices for a free […]

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Replacing a Car Seat After a Car Accident

Car Seat Replacement

If you happen to be involved in a car accident in Bakersfield, whether it’s serious or minor, there is a good chance your child’s car seat may need to be replaced. While some car seats […]

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How Much Can I Sue for Emotional Distress?

It is fairly common for victims of traumatic accidents to experience emotional distress. California law defines emotional distress as, “suffering, anguish, fright, horror, nervousness, grief, anxiety, worry, shock, humiliation, [or] shame.” Accident victims will often […]

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How To Calculate Loss of Consortium Damages

A Bakersfield Woman Sits Alone After a Loss | The Law Offices of Mickey Fine

Suffering severe injuries in a traumatic accident can impact nearly all aspects of a person’s life. This includes the person’s marriage. As a result, accident victims’ spouses can suffer direct negative effects as well; and, […]

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How Do You Prove Emotional Distress in California?

If you sustain an injury that was caused by another person’s negligence in California, you have the right to pursue compensation for your subsequent losses. This includes fair compensation not only for your financial damages […]

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Is It Worth Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney?

What is a Personal Injury Lawyer? | The Law Offices of Mickey Fine

If you’ve been injured in an accident, is it worth hiring a personal injury attorney? While many people assume that hiring an attorney is expensive and time-consuming, this is not the case. In fact, when […]

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What Is the Most Serious Type of Spinal Cord Injury?

What Spine Injury is Worst? | The Law Offices of Mickey Fine

Spinal cord injuries can vary widely in terms of severity. While some individuals who are diagnosed with spinal cord injuries will be able to fully recover, others will face lifelong challenges.  Understanding the severity of […]

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How Does Comparative Fault Work in California?

Comparative Fault in Personal Injury Claims | Law Offices of Mickey Fine

When you get injured in an accident that is someone else’s fault, you are entitled to fair compensation under California law. But what if you are partially to blame for your own injuries? In this […]

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How Can an Oil Field Injury Lawyer Help?

Working on an oil field can be extremely dangerous. Even if you do everything you can to keep yourself safe, if your company overlooks safety concerns or your coworkers make mistakes, you could suddenly find […]

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Can I Sue a Hospital for Emotional Distress?

Can Hospitals Be Sued for Emotional Distress? | Law Offices of Mickey Fine

Seeking treatment in a hospital can be a trying experience. The delays, uncertainty, and costs involved can all seem like too much for many people to bear. Despite this, however, most patients get the treatment […]

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