In the state of California, the operators and passengers of motorcycles are required, by law, to wear helmets. This law is intended to help prevent brain injury and death from motorcycle accidents and, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has been incredibly effective at doing just that.

California law also requires motorcycles to have a daytime operating headlight, at least one mirror, and fully operational turn signals. All of these things can help prevent a motorcyclist from causing an accident.

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Protecting Yourself

Driving defensively is a great way to protect yourself from being involved in a motorcycle accident. The leading cause of motorcycle accidents is drivers of larger vehicles running into a bike. Knowing this, it is best to be cautious around larger vehicles, particularly when changing lanes or preparing to turn. However, your actions may not be enough to completely prevent an accident.

You cannot prevent other drivers from causing an accident, but you can take steps to protect yourself against catastrophic injury if they do. One of the easiest steps to take is always using safety gear.

In addition to the helmet required by law, bikers can help protect themselves by wearing leather boots, gloves, and jackets. Long pants are also recommended to help reduce the risk of road rash in an accident.

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