The severity of a spinal cord injury will depend on where the vertebrae are damaged and how complete that damage is. If the spine is injured but not severed, some forms of rehabilitation may allow for a restoration of certain functions. However, if the spine is completely damaged or the cord is severed, the consequences of the injury will likely be permanent.

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Lumbar & Sacral Spine

The lumbar and sacral spine are the lower parts of the cord. Damage to this area may result in:

  • Loss of function in the hips and legs
  • Loss of bladder and bowel control
  • Loss of sexual function

Damages to these lower areas are not typically as serious as those occurring higher up the spinal cord, but they may require adaptive technologies such as a wheelchair or leg braces for mobility.

Thoracic Spine

The thoracic spine is the middle portion of the cord. Damage to this area may result in all of the complications that accompany lumbar and sacral injuries along with:

  • Inability to control breathing muscles
  • Paraplegia

With this type of spinal cord injury, adaptive technology will be necessary for mobility and may be required to assist with breathing.

Cervical Spine

Damage to the cervical spine comes with the most severe complications. An injury to this portion of the spine may result in the same complications as damage to the thoracic, lumbar, and sacral, in addition to:

  • Loss of function in the arms, wrists, and hands
  • Difficulties speaking
  • Quadriplegia

This type of spinal cord injury often necessitates home care and constant monitoring of vitals to prevent a loss of life.

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