“What do your lawyers actually do?” At The Law Offices of Mickey Fine, we get that question a lot. If you’ve suffered an auto accident, you probably want to know what exactly you’ll get from the Bakersfield car accident lawyer you choose to represent you.

We believe in transparency and clarity in our dealings with clients. No car accident lawyer can promise you a specific monetary award. However, we make sure you are always kept up-to-date on the status of your case.

Our car accident lawyers will explain what they’re doing to help you pursue justice and compensation.

If you live in the Bakersfield, California area and you want to speak to a car accident lawyer about your claim, please call The Law Offices of Mickey Fine today at (661) 333-3333 for a free consultation.

Steps We Can Take For You

There are a number of elements that go into a successful personal injury claim, and our car accident attorneys have spent decades working with the law. We will help you by:

  • Evaluating Your Claim: Because personal injury law is so complicated, many innocent victims don’t even know they have a claim. We offer free initial consultations to all prospective clients. We’ll evaluate your case, determine if you have a claim and advise you on how to move forward.
  • Investigating Your Accident: Fault is difficult to prove. That’s where our experience comes in. Our car accident lawyers will investigate your collision to determine its cause by speaking to witnesses, examining the scene and poring over physical evidence and documentation.
  • Dealing with the insurance companies: It’s important to understand that insurance companies aren’t working on your behalf. They’re concerned with their own profit margins and will do their best to make sure they pay as little as possible. Our car accident lawyers will stand by your side and help you pursue everything you are entitled to under state law and your insurance policy.
  • Pursuing compensation: Our car accident lawyers will follow the evidence and identify all potentially liable parties. We’ll then do everything we can to pursue compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

We’ll be happy to answer any car accident questions you might have. At The Law Offices of Mickey Fine, our car accident lawyers are committed to your cause. You can trust in our passion and skill.

If you live in Bakersfield, California and you need a car accident lawyer to help you pursue justice and compensation, please contact The Law Offices of Mickey Fine today for a free consultation.