Falls are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury in the United States, but motor vehicle accidents are a close second – and the leading cause of brain injury related deaths. According to the CDC, over ¼ of all brain injuries result from auto accidents, a full 16% more than assault, the second leading cause.

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Car Accidents and Brain Injury

Car accidents can result in a number of serious injuries, particularly when proper restraints are not used. However, even seatbelts and airbags cannot always prevent brain injury. In fact, airbags can exacerbate these injuries in some cases, making them an occasional liability in motor vehicle accidents.

While many brain injuries sustained in car accidents prove to be immediately fatal, all will increase the risk for early death. Victims of brain injury – even brain injury that has been treated – are at a threefold higher risk for early death than those who have never sustained a head injury. This, among many other factors, must be taken into account when seeking compensation following your accident.

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