Do I Really Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured in an accident, you might be thinking about hiring a lawyer. Many people in this situation wonder if they really need a lawyer, or if they can try to handle the case on their own.

The truth of the matter is that there are several reasons why you should hire a personal injury attorney after an accident. This is true whether you were injured in a fall, work accident, dog attack, car accident, or any other type of vehicle collision.

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Keep reading for 5 reasons to hire a lawyer after an accident in which you suffered injury:

1. You Need to Know If You Have a Claim

Just because you were injured in an accident does not necessarily mean that you have a claim for financial compensation. By the same token, even if you think you could have done something to avoid the accident, this does not necessarily mean that you are without legal rights.

Determining if you have a claim after an accident is complicated. It requires a comprehensive investigation, and it requires the ability to understand the facts of your case within the context of California’s personal injury laws. As a result, hiring an attorney is the only way to find out if you have a claim to pursue.

2. Your Losses Are Probably Greater Than You Think

If you have a claim, the amount you are entitled to recover is probably greater than you think. This is because California law allows accident victims to recover just compensation for their current and future financial losses, as well as the non-financial losses victims incur.

Among other aspects of your case, an experienced personal injury attorney will be able to help you determine:

  • How much will you need to cover your medical expenses in the future?
  • How much are you entitled to recover for if you are unable to work (short-term or long-term)?
  • How much are you entitled to recover for your pain, emotional trauma, and loss of enjoyment of life?

Calculating damages in a personal injury claim is often complicated. It is important to account for all of your losses so your lawyer can pursue fair compensation on your behalf.

3. You Need Evidence to Prove Your Claim

All of your losses need to be supported by the evidence. In addition to calculating the compensation to which you are entitled, your attorney will investigate and gather evidence to determine (i) what caused your injuries, and (ii) who is at fault for your injuries.

Relevant evidence in your case will depend on the incident that caused your injuries. If you were hurt in a motor vehicle accident, for example, your lawyer will collect evidence at the scene and examine the vehicles involved. In a dangerous property case, your attorney will investigate dangerous conditions that led to your slip and fall or other injury.

4. You Need the Insurance Companies to Take You Seriously

Insurance companies handle cases very differently when personal injury attorneys are involved. By hiring an attorney to handle your claim, not only can you show that you are serious about recovering maximum compensation for your injuries, but you can also feel confident knowing that you will not be deceived into settling for far less than you deserve.

5. You Need to Be Prepared to Go to Court

Finally, when you have a personal injury claim, you need to be prepared to go to court. If the insurance company refuses to offer you a fair settlement, you will need your lawyer to present evidence and witness testimony on your behalf. Your attorney will also need to be able to overcome the arguments presented by the insurance company’s defense lawyers.

Every accident victim wants to attain fair compensation quickly. If this is not achievable via settlement, you need to be prepared to fight for your legal rights. The only way to do this is to hire an experienced attorney who has what it takes to make sure you receive the full compensation to which you are legally entitled.

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