Should I Get an Injury Lawyer?

Contacting a Lawyer After an Injury

You were injured in an accident. Your medical expenses are adding up quickly, and you are losing money as a result of being unable to work. Your doctor told you that you will need to undergo several weeks (or months) of rehabilitation, your pain may never fully go away, and your mobility may never fully return.

In short, you are facing serious consequences as a result of someone else’s mistake. At this point, you may be wondering how an injury lawyer can help you.

Serious accidents happen all the time. From auto accidents to slips, trips, and falls, accidents leave hundreds of thousands of Californians suffering from traumatic injuries every year.

Unfortunately, many of these accident victims fail to seek legal representation. This is a costly mistake from which many of these victims never fully recover.

When Can an Injury Lawyer Help You After an Accident?

So, should you get an injury lawyer? The answer to this question is simple: If you have been injured in an accident, you have no reason not to speak with an attorney. Your initial consultation is free and confidential, and the worst that can happen is that your attorney will tell you that you do not have a case.

Of course, many accident victims do have claims, and individuals who have been injured in all types of accidents can seek just compensation for their losses. For example, if your injuries are the result of any of the following, there is a chance that you could be entitled to a financial recovery:

These and other accidents may result in a wide range of injuries that can permanently alter your life, from traumatic brain injury to damage to the spinal cord.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself After an Accident in Bakersfield, CA

Even knowing that they may be entitled to financial compensation, many accident victims still have reservations about hiring an attorney. However, there are several important ways an attorney can help you, relieving your stress after a serious injury.

If your answer to each of the following five questions is “Yes,” then you should speak with an injury lawyer about your legal rights:

Q: Were You Involved in an Accident?

From accidents on the road to accidents on the job, an experienced injury lawyer will be able to help you regardless of how and where your accident happened. At The Law Offices of Mickey Fine, we represent clients in and around Bakersfield in all types of accident claims against negligent drivers, negligent property owners, and others.

Q: Did You Suffer Injuries in the Accident?

Traumatic accidents can cause all types of injuries, from twists and sprains to fractures and concussions. After suffering injuries in an accident, one of the most important things you can do to protect your health and your legal rights is to see a doctor. After that, you should contact an injury lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney can discuss your options for recovering compensation from the party or parties at fault for your injuries.

Q: Was Someone Else Fully or Partially to Blame?

In the vast majority of cases, pursuing an injury claim requires proof of fault. If you have any reason to believe that someone else may have been fully or partially at fault for the accident, then you should consult with an attorney about pursuing a claim for just compensation.

Q: Are You Facing Financial Losses as a Result of the Accident?

If you were injured in the accident, then you are minimally facing financial losses in the form of your medical expenses. However, traumatic injuries can lead to other financial losses as well. In particular, if you are unable to work for any length of time, your loss of income will compound the financial effects of the accident.

You could also be facing a long and difficult road to physical, mental, and emotional recovery. In addition to helping you recover your financial losses, an experienced injury lawyer will be able to help you pursue compensation for your non-financial losses as well.

Q: Do You Want to Move On from the Accident as Quickly as Possible?

Contrary to popular belief, hiring an injury lawyer will not draw out the recovery process. Your lawyer’s job is simple: to help you recover maximum compensation as quickly as possible. Struggling through your financial, physical, and psychological pain on your own is what draws out the process, and it virtually guarantees that you will end up without the financial compensation you need and deserve.

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