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The aftermath of any wreck can be confusing, but it can be especially difficult to know what to do after a rideshare accident. Rideshare companies revolutionized the way people travel from point A to point B. Unfortunately, your next Uber or Lyft ride could upend your day and may alter your quality of life due to severe injury in a rideshare car accident. While many steps are the same as the average motor vehicle crash, there are differences in how rideshare claims are pursued, including whose insurance policy covers your medical bills.

Our Bakersfield lawyer has helped injured rideshare victims pursue damages for their injuries and knows how these claims vary from the average accident claim. The Law Offices of Mickey Fine can guide you through this process so you can focus on healing and following your treatment plan.

Your injuries will be covered by the rideshare driver and/or the Uber or Lyft policy, but it’s best to contact an attorney to ensure your rights to compensation and begin the claims process right away.

Check Yourself for Injuries 

The first thing you need to do after a rideshare accident is to call 911 to dispatch police and emergency medical personnel to the scene of the accident. Then check yourself for injuries. If you are well enough to move safely, check other passengers, the driver, and people in the other vehicle for severe trauma. Don’t move anyone. If you have basic first aid training, do not provide medical assistance beyond that because you could be held liable for improper care and inadvertently worsen their injury. 

Seek Medical Attention

Whether you have visible injuries or a mild headache, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Many people overlook symptoms due to shock and adrenaline coursing through their bodies after a car crash. Pain, muscle stiffness, and other symptoms may present a few hours or days later and seeing a doctor can avoid aggravating the trauma and causing further damage to your body. 

Make sure you follow your doctor’s instructions for care, rest, and attend all subsequent appointments. Your treatment plan is designed to help you heal as best as possible, and following it shows you’re dedicated to the recovery process. These steps are crucial for your health and strengthen your claim by providing a detailed record of the onset of your symptoms and the severity of the injury and establishing that ongoing treatment is medically necessary. 

Medical bills are a substantial part of car accident settlements, and this documentation is crucial for determining the value of your rideshare accident claim. 

Gather Evidence 

If you are well enough, take photographs of the accident scene and your injuries. Capture detailed images of the vehicle damage, where you were sitting, and the road conditions around the vehicle(s). The scene of the accident can be tainted quickly, and this line of evidence can help determine the cause of the accident. An attorney can use these images to consult with an accident reconstruction expert to reenact the crash. 

Get the contact information of everyone involved in the rideshare accident, including witnesses on the street or in stopped vehicles. Your attorney can contact these people to corroborate your statement and dispute concerns with the insurance adjuster. 

Write down everything you remember as soon as possible because you may forget important details. This written account can be used when negotiating a settlement or testifying in court. 

Report the Accident

Calling 911 is a crucial first step, even for a minor rideshare car accident, because a police report is required for the claims process. The details provided in this report may strengthen your case against the rideshare driver or other negligent party. The police officer(s) will speak with everyone at the scene and summarize their findings in the accident report. They might issue a ticket to one of the drivers if they violated traffic laws causing the crash. 

Once the dust has settled and you’ve seen a medical professional for emergency care, contact the driver’s insurance company to file a claim. Only provide the insurance company with basic details and do not give a recorded statement without speaking with an attorney first. You must also report the accident to Uber or Lyft through their website. A rideshare company representative may ask you for a statement, but it is wise to speak with a lawyer first. 

Contact an Attorney 

A car accident attorney can help you gather evidence and witness testimony. They know how to calculate the damages for your injuries and incorporate future lost wages, diminished quality of life, and ongoing medical care into the total compensation. Rideshare accident attorneys have worked with insurance adjusters through many claims and understand the tactics they may use to devalue or deny your case. An attorney makes sure your rights to compensation are protected. 

Uber and Lyft Driver Coverage 

Unlike taxi systems, rideshare companies require their drivers to use their personal car insurance and provide additional coverage on top of that policy when the driver is actively using the rideshare app. These coverage differences can complicate filing a claim against the rideshare driver and company. If the driver intentionally caused the accident and their negligence led to the car crash, you can file a lawsuit against them. 

Rideshare injury cases are more complex than the average car accident lawsuit and require an experienced lawyer to recover full damages. 

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