Unsafe Driving Speed and California Car Accidents

Unsafe Driving Speed and California Car Accidents

The highest speed limit in California is 70 miles per hour, which is a reasonable speed if caution is practiced. Unfortunately, many people mistake a speed limit as a guideline rather than a rul for the minimum speed at which travel should take place. This impression can lead to aggressive driving and increase risks for car accidents.

Vehicles traveling at higher speeds are harder to stop. This means that a driver who is speeding will need to allow for additional time when maneuvering through traffic. Many drivers who maintain unsafe driving speeds also engage in other dangerous behaviors such as weaving in and out of traffic. These actions increase the likelihood of an accident and place everyone on the road at serious risk.

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Loss of Vehicle Control

Excessive speeds can lead to a complete loss of vehicle control. As illustrated by the recent death of actor Paul Walker in California, even experienced drivers cannot always control a car operated at an unsafe speed.

Regardless of the type of vehicle being driven, high speeds can result in steering wheel failure, tire blowout, engine failure, and brake issues. Once a driver loses control of a vehicle, no one is safe. High speed accidents are more likely to be fatal for everyone involved, including those operating the speeding vehicle, which can make seeking compensation all the more difficult.

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