Understanding Truck Accident Claims

Truck Accident Claims

Truck accidents can be deadly for everyone involved. A reason for this is due to the size of a truck. A 3,700-pound vehicle is often no match for an 80,000-pound truck. An accident can lead to more severe injuries or even death for the driver and their passengers. Being involved in such an accident may require the help of an experienced attorney who can navigate a complex truck accident claim.

A scary truck accident happened close to Bakersfield not too long ago:

A semi-truck hit a passenger vehicle after it jackknifed on Southbound Interstate 5 in Frazier Mountain Park, California in February of 2017, according to 23ABC News. California Highway Patrol said the truck was traveling at a high rate of speed before the accident. One of the tires separated from the truck and flew into the northbound lane. At the time, there were heavy rains and high winds.

The passenger vehicle involved in the accident was a white BMW. After the impact, the vehicle spun out of control until it hit a wall. It then caught fire. Kern County Environmental Health was called to clean up a small diesel spill, which was mixing with rain.

The driver of the BMW sustained head injuries. The report did not elaborate on the driver’s current medical status. Whether the driver will face criminal charges or if the injured man would sue in civil court was not known.

Are Truck Accidents Claims More Complex than Auto Accident Claims in Court?

Truck accident claims are more complicated to litigate than auto accident claims because of the additional rules and regulations involved with the trucking industry. Drivers of passenger vehicles must obey traffic laws such as not speeding, stopping at red lights, and yielding to pedestrians.

Truck drivers must obey these same traffic laws. They also have to follow the rules and regulations established by the state of California and The Federal Motor Safety Regulation Act. These rules and regulations require trucking companies to:

  • Conduct background checks
  • Conduct drug and alcohol testing
  • Regulate the hours a truck driver operates a truck per day

Any time these regulations are violated, the driver and trucking company may be liable for a truck accident. California truck accident lawyers understand these regulations and what to look for in truck driver log books and other documentation to prove liability.

If the Truck Driver Isn’t at Fault, Can I Still Sue?

One of the most complicated elements of a truck accident claim is determining who is at fault. The truck driver is almost always assumed to be at fault for the accident. However, many factors can come into play and cause a truck accident. For instance, the cargo company may load too much cargo on the truck. Federal regulations prohibit a truck from being overloaded because it may cause an accident.

Large trucks need constant maintenance because of all the intricate parts they contain and the heavy use they undergo. Defective truck parts and lack of maintenance can complicate a personal injury case. A California truck accident attorney investigates those responsible for maintaining the truck to determine if they should be added as defendants.

Truck Accident Attorney Mickey Fine Will Fight for You

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