Uber Seeks to Block Class Action Lawsuit

400 of Uber’s California “driver partners” have submitted testimony asserting their preference for being classified as independent contractors instead of employees of the company. While this may seem unrelated to personal injury claims, the court’s decision on how these drivers are classified will impact the rights of those who are injured while riding with an Uber driver.

When a driver is an independent contractor, any injuries passengers sustain in a car accident will likely be dealt with through the driver’s personal or business insurance. If the driver is an employee of a larger company – such as Uber – that company assumes some of the liability for injuries. This can both complicate a case and increase the total amount of damages awarded.

Regardless of employee status, if you or a loved one is injured while riding in a hired vehicle, you may be entitled to significant damages. The best way to determine what your case is worth is by discussing it with an experienced car accident attorney like Mickey Fine.

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