Snapchat Speed Filter

You may have read about a woman in California who was driving over 110 MPH when she hit another vehicle, resulting in traumatic brain injury to the other driver. You may have heard that the reason she was traveling at such a dangerous speed was to get the highest reading possible on her Snapchat speed filter. You may know, from reports or the recent settlement, that all of this was for the purpose of taking a picture of herself. You likely shook your head in disbelief as you contemplated the sheer negligence spurred by this vainglorious pursuit. Yet every day, thousands of drivers in California engage in similarly selfish and unnecessary forms of distraction while driving – all at the risk of causing serious or fatal injury to others.

Distracted driving in a scourge and software like Snapchat that seem to encourage irresponsible behavior by adding features like speed filters may be making matters much worse. Laws prohibiting this type of irresponsible behavior are on the books, but how much of a difference they make is still up for debate. In the end, you can’t legislate responsible behavior, but you can hold drivers who care more about getting a picture of themselves than making sure they don’t hurt you accountable for their unfathomable recklessness. When distracted drivers cause injury or harm, Bakersfield car accident attorney Mickey Fine is here to take the case and make sure victims are awarded every penny they are due.

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