Who Pays for Damages Caused By Road Debris?

Cracked Windshield

A normal day on the road can all of a sudden turn dangerous when you encounter a sudden piece of debris on the road. Anything from a truck tire to a cardboard box can prove to be extremely hazardous when they are flying at you. This, unfortunately, happens all too often around Bakersfield’s highways and the rest of California. Damage to property is often just a fraction of these accidents. Often, individuals of the vehicles affected suffer serious injuries caused by debris in the road. The question for these victims then becomes, “who is responsible for this?”

The Law Offices of Mickey Fine are experienced in helping the victims of debris on the road obtain compensation for their damages.

Coverage for Damages Caused By Road Debris

The driver of the vehicle which caused the debris is responsible for paying the damages that were a result of that debris. How the damage is caused to the vehicle will determine which type of insurance will cover it. Because each situation is different, the following should not be misconstrued as the only recourse.

Collision Coverage

If you run over debris in the road and it causes damage to your vehicle, your collision coverage may apply if you are unaware of who is responsible for it. If you do not have collision coverage, you may have to resort to the other coverages listed below.

Comprehensive Coverage

If debris is flying through the air and hits a car, some of the damage caused by the debris may be paid by your homeowner’s or umbrella insurance.

Liability Insurance

If you can prove that the damages that you have suffered were caused by the negligence of another party, that individuals liability insurance will serve as the entity which pays for your damages. This could happen in situations such as failing to secure a load, parts flying off of their vehicle, or items being thrown out of the window.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

If you have what is known as UIM coverage, you may be covered if you are injured by debris, and those responsible left the scene or are uninsured. Unfortunately, many times when debris flies off of a vehicle, the car responsible does not notice and keeps driving. Uninsured motorist coverage would pay for the damages caused by the negligence of a person who fled the scene or who are never identified.

What to Do if You Are Injured, or Your Car Was Impacted By Road Debris

The first thing you should do is make sure that everyone in the car is okay. If anyone happened to be injured because of the debris, take the appropriate steps to getting them medical assistance. If your vehicle is still in motion, attempt to assess if it is still safe to drive. Things like a cracked windshield could be manageable, but if something is stuck under your car, it is best to pull over and assess the damage. If one or more of your tires is flat, you will probably notice right away. It is important, if this happens, not to panic and hit the brakes as it could be very easy to lose control of your vehicle.

The next step you should take is to call the police and report the debris if it is still on the road. When the police arrive at the scene, file a report so you can have documentation of what transpired, in the event you decide to pursue a claim. If you or someone who was with you at the time of the accident was injured due to the debris, consider calling a personal injury lawyer like Mickey Fine. Next, you should contact your insurance company and tell them you would like to file a claim.

Have You Been Injured by Debris on the Road?

If you have been in an incident involving road debris and you or someone in your car was injured, contact Mickey Fine right away. Mickey is an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows what it takes to get his clients the compensation you deserve. The legal process can be tough without the help of a lawyer who knows what to do. Don’t put yourself in a bad position, contact Mickey Fine today. Your first call is free.

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