Proving Fault in a Car Accident

The recent high profile car accident involving Olympic gold medalist, Bruce Jenner, is another example of how a collision can change the lives of everyone involved. In Jenner’s case, photographic evidence and cell phone records may play a pivotal role, but most car accidents take place where clear evidence is not as readily available. Without video footage, how can you prove who is at fault?

California, like most states, holds the negligent driver responsible for the injuries and damages they may cause to another. After a car accident, several key factors can help you establish legal fault in a car accident case. These include:

  • Police Reports – If police are called to the scene of your accident, they will file a written report after reviewing the scene and talking to any potential eye witnesses. The police may also issue tickets at the scene. This report is often key evidence in determining who is at fault.
  • State Traffic Laws – Your thorough knowledge of the traffic laws in your area can also bolster your case. If you know the specific laws that apply to your accident, you are better equipped to negotiate with the insurance company of the other driver.
  • Rear End Accidents and Left Turn Accidents – These two types of car accidents have special considerations, and one party is usually assumed to be at fault regardless of the specific situation. The rules of the road require all drivers to leave enough space ahead of their car to come to a complete stop without rear-ending another vehicle. Similarly, left turns must always yield to oncoming traffic.
  • Vehicle Condition – You may be held partially at fault in a car accident if the condition of your vehicle added to the situation. Even if the other driver caused the accident, you may be considered negligent if your brake lights or turn signals were not functioning properly.

Even relatively minor car accidents can cause serious damages. Bakersfield car accident lawyer Mickey Fine has the experience and knowledge of the legal process to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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