Man Hit by Garbage Truck Twice in Bakersfield, California

Garbage Truck Bakersfield CA

According to ABC23 Bakersfield, A man was taken to the hospital on Wednesday morning, July 5th, after being hit by a garbage truck twice in East Bakersfield. 

Police say the man was in an alley while riding a bicycle on Jefferson Street near Union and Bernard.

The man then reportedly fell over on his bicycle and was run over by the truck.

Police say the truck then accidentally backed over him, hitting him a second time. The man was taken to the hospital with major injuries.

It is unknown whether the man will file a personal injury claim against the driver of the truck.

Bakersfield Personal Injury Lawyers Are Your Personal Advocate

No personal injury lawyer can soothe the pain and suffering, traumatic memories, or expenses associated with being injured because of another person’s negligence. Negligence is the foundation of a personal injury case and is used to acquire compensation. However, it is a personal injury lawyer’s duty to be a true legal advocate for their client.

Bakersfield Lawyers Protect a Client’s Legal Rights

A lot of people know they have Constitutional rights such as free speech. Many people do not know that they have the legal right to expect other individuals to act as a reasonable person would in the same and/or similar circumstances. This is called a legal duty. This legal duty protects them from sustaining an injury.

For instance, a pedestrian has the right to expect a Bakersfield driver to protect him or her from harm while operating a motor vehicle. When an accident does occur and a driver is at fault, a personal injury lawyer is the victim’s legal advocate and will work to enforce those rights in order to get their client appropriate compensation.

Bakersfield Lawyers Protect Clients from Wrongful Party

The party at fault in a Bakersfield accident that causes an injury is typically called the wrongful party. The wrongful party sometimes employs dishonest tactics during the course of a personal injury case in order to win or avoid paying out any money.

One of these tactics is getting an injured victim without a lawyer to agree to a less-than-fair settlement. This type of settlement, whether it be a lump-sum payment or series of payments, will not cover all the injured party’s damages. Once the case is settled, the injured victim cannot sue. In exchange for the money, the victim gives up all rights to future lawsuits. A personal injury lawyer will work hard to get the highest possible settlement and avoid this type of situation.

Another tactic is to continuously delay settlement talks with an injured victim who does not have a lawyer. The wrongful party knows the victim most likely has not filed a lawsuit. California law gives anyone injured in a personal injury case two years from the date of the accident to sue. If they do not file, they lose the right receive compensation.

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