Is Increasing Truck Weight a Good Idea?

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Thousands of people are injured and killed in truck accidents every year – many right here in California. Yet a new bill would allow trucking companies to increase the maximum allowable weight for freight-shipping trucks to 91,000 pounds. This 11,000 pound increase would, according to the bill’s sponsors, allow for more efficient transportation of grains and other heavy materials. However, the increased risks for serious and fatal truck accidents seems to be missing from the conversation.

While it has yet to be seen how well this bill will fare, it should be understood that several bills limiting truck industry liability and making it harder for victims of truck accidents to get fair compensation are introduced every year. These don’t often get out of committee, but that doesn’t mean laws favor those who have suffered serious damages over the powerful commercial trucking industry. This is just one of several reasons you need an experienced, aggressive, and dedicated personal injury attorney on your side as soon as possible following an accident with a semi-truck.

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