What to Look for When Choosing a Truck Accident Lawyer

Accident Damage to Cab of Semi Truck

Recovering financial compensation for your losses after a truck accident is hard. There is simply no other way to put it. It’s hard to collect the evidence you need to prove your claim. It’s hard to cope with your injuries, and it’s hard to negotiate a fair settlement.

This is why you need an experienced truck accident lawyer representing you. When taking on trucking companies and other large corporations, there is simply no substitute for experienced legal representation. But, there are other factors to consider as well, and you need to take the time to make an informed decision about your choice of attorneys.

10 Things to Look For in a Truck Accident Attorney

With this in mind, here are the top 10 factors we think you should consider when choosing a truck accident lawyer to represent you:

1. Decades of Experience

As we mentioned already, experience is important. A highly experienced attorney will have decades of experience handling truck accident claims. While experience does not necessarily equate to success (more on this below), a highly experienced attorney is far more likely to have the knowledge and insights required to pursue your case quickly and effectively.

2. Extensive Jury Trial Experience

You want your case to settle quickly, and many attorneys will tout their high “success” rate in out-of-court settlement negotiations in order to try to get you to call. But, in some cases, accepting the trucking company’s settlement offer will not be your best option. As a result, you need a lawyer who has an extensive trial record as well. The attorney you choose should be able to use this record to show the trucking company that he or she is prepared to take your case to court if necessary.

3. Focus on Serious Injury and Wrongful Death Claims

Some lawyers are general practitioners, and others focus on specific areas of the law. While there is nothing wrong with being a generalist, it does mean that the lawyer will only spend a fraction of his or her time (at most) handling serious and fatal truck accident claims. As a result, when it comes to relevant experience, you will want to choose a lawyer whose practice is devoted to personal injury and wrongful death representation.

4. Local Knowledge

Extensive legal knowledge is critical, but local knowledge is important, too. The more your lawyer knows about the area where your accident occurred, the better able he or she will be to assess the circumstances involved. If you need to take your case to trial, you will want a lawyer who is familiar with the local courts and judges as well.

5. An In-House Investigator

When seeking financial compensation for a serious truck accident, it is imperative to investigate as soon as possible. As a result, it is best if your law firm has an in-house investigator who is prepared to immediately drop everything to focus on your case. At the Law Offices of Mickey Fine, our in-house investigator, Eli Molina, served over 30 years with the California Highway Patrol and trained at the FBI Academy.

6. Prior Success in Truck Accident Cases

Experience is one thing, but success is another. When choosing a lawyer to handle your truck accident claim, you want to look for somebody who has a record of success in truck accident claims. While no outcome is guaranteed, successful truck accident cases will often result in substantial settlements and verdicts.

7. Client Reviews

While the outcome is important, your case will take time, and you need to have a good working relationship with your attorney during the process. To find out what you can expect, you can read the attorney’s reviews and watch his or her video testimonials.

8. No Upfront Costs

When you hire a truck accident lawyer in California, you should not be asked to pay any upfront fees or costs. If a lawyer asks you for a cost deposit or retainer, you should go somewhere else.

9. You Only Pay If You Win

Additionally, you should not be asked to pay anything unless your case results in a settlement or verdict. During your free initial consultation, it should be made crystal clear that your attorney only gets paid if you win just compensation.

10. A Client-First Mentality

Finally, you need to choose a lawyer who has a client-first mentality. It is no secret that some lawyers have egos and that some lawyers like to make their clients’ cases about themselves. At the Law Offices of Mickey Fine, “We Put The Client First” is more than just our slogan. It represents our approach to client representation, and it underlies everything we do.

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