How Long Does Recovery from Brain Injury Take?

Brain injury can have a profound impact on every aspect of a victim’s life, making once common tasks and abilities difficult or even impossible. Depending on the type of brain injury and the duration between injury and treatment, symptoms may become progressive, getting worse and more complicated as time goes by. Unfortunately, even with treatment, recovering from a brain injury may prove impossible, necessitating a lifetime of special care, adaptive technology, and deep personal loss.

California brain injury attorney Mickey Fine understands the many ways these traumatic injuries impact victims and their families. Even when recovery is possible, medical expenses and lost wages can become incredibly expensive. Sadly, insurance settlements seldom pay even a fraction of these costs and won’t pay a penny for personal pain and suffering. This is why Attorney Fine strongly suggests discussing your case with us – free of charge – before accepting any offer from an insurance company. Working individually with your family, Mickey Fine is prepared to take your case as far as needed to help secure the total compensation you will need to make the best recovery possible.

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Brain Injury
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