Fatal Doses of Narcotics Routinely Prescribed

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According to a recent National Safety Council survey, nearly 100% of doctors routinely prescribe narcotic pain relievers in excess of the federally recommended three-day dosage limit. This report follows closely on the heels of data showing an alarming number of deaths now linked to overdose of fentanyl – a narcotic pain reliever that public health officials warn is more dangerous than heroin or opium.

In cases where doctors prescribe too much medication and a patient is harmed, victims and their families may find trying to seek fair compensation all but impossible. There are layers of protections for both pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals that can make seeking compensation for injury overly complex and ultimately fruitless. This is but one of the reasons it is so important to have an experienced personal injury attorney on your side as soon as possible in these situations.

Bakersfield personal injury lawyer Mickey Fine is dedicated to helping victims of healthcare negligence get justice. He is prepared to work individually with you family to identify all of the ways your injury has and will continue to impact your financial and personal health and happiness – and to fight tooth and nail to secure for you every penny you are due.

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