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Working on an oil field is among the most dangerous jobs you can have living in California. While some websites talk about the “inherent” dangers of working on an oil field, the reality is that most oil drilling accidents could be prevented if oil companies and contractors took the necessary steps to protect their workers.

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10 Safety Risks for Oil Drilling Workers in California

Unfortunately, oil companies and contractors don’t often prioritize their workers’ safety, and this means that oil drilling accidents are far more common than they should be. Here are some of the biggest risks oil field workers in California face on a daily basis:

1. Getting Struck By or Caught In Moving Machinery or Equipment

Getting struck by, caught in, or caught in between moving machinery, equipment, and other objects is among the leading causes of serious and fatal injuries on oil fields. This includes accidents involving heavy equipment, cranes, derricks, hoists, drilling equipment, vehicles, and other moving and stationary objects.

2. Falls from Oil Rigs and Other Areas

Falls are also among the leading causes of oil drilling accidents. This includes falls from overhead as well as slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents. From unsafe ladders to slippery walkways, oil field workers face numerous risks for suffering serious injuries in falls.

3. Exposure to Toxic Fumes and Substances

Exposure to toxic fumes and substances presents a serious health risk to workers in all occupations on California’s oil fields. From inhaling fumes to breathing in silica particulates during fracking operations, oil field workers can suffer burns, cancers, and other illnesses and injuries due to a wide range of job-related hazards.

4. Fires and Explosions

While fires and explosions may be relatively rare with today’s modern drilling technologies, when these accidents do occur, the consequences can be substantial. Oftentimes, multiple workers will suffer severe traumatic injuries, and many workers injured in fires and explosions will need a lifetime of treatment, medications, and financial support.

5. Vehicle Accidents on Oil Fields

Vehicle accidents on oil fields range from collisions between trucks to accidents involving workers who are on foot. Injuries from these accidents can range from concussions to broken bones, and injured workers can face substantial costs and long-term recoveries.

6. Inadequate Training and Supervision

Inadequate training and supervision are factors in many oil drilling accidents. When companies hire employees who are not properly trained, and when they fail to provide adequate supervision during drilling operations, other workers who are simply doing their jobs can suddenly find themselves in harm’s way.

7. Inadequate Safety Protocols

In addition to inadequate training and supervision, inadequate safety protocols are also to blame for many oil drilling accidents. When companies fail to adhere to safety guidelines, when they fail to provide safety equipment to their workers, and when they prioritize their profits above all else, it is often their employees that end up paying the price.

8. Working Long Hours

Many oil field workers spend long hours performing strenuous tasks. This can lead to fatigue, and this fatigue can significantly increase workers’ risk of making mistakes that lead to serious and fatal accidents. Unfortunately, many companies do not give their employees adequate rest breaks (despite federal requirements), and oil field workers often feel pressured to keep working even once it becomes dangerous to do so.

9. Equipment Defects and Inadequate Maintenance

Oil field workers rely on lots of different types of complex equipment and machinery. If any piece of equipment or machinery is not functioning as intended, this can often have devastating results. Defects (issues from the factory) are common factors in oil drilling accidents, as are malfunctions due to negligent inspections and maintenance.

10. Electrocutions and Other Hazards

Finally, in addition to all of the accident risks discussed above, oil drilling workers can suffer serious injuries due to electrocutions and other job-related hazards as well. While oil fields present many unique risks, oil drilling workers are not immune to the job-related hazards all workers face on a day-to-day basis. From hazardous electricity sources to repetitive stress from lifting, bending, operating heavy machinery, and using tools, job-related risks come in all forms.

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