Controlled Implosion of PG&E Plant Critically Injures Bakersfield Man

The controlled implosion of a Pacific Gas and Electric Company steam power plant injured several people, including one man whose injuries have been listed as critical. According to the hospital, the Bakersfield resident had one of his legs amputated and the other was badly injured.

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The victim of the Bakersfield blast was one of several people who had gathered on Saturday, August 3, to watch the implosion of the abandoned steam power plant. Although officials had warned people not to gather, hundreds stood at what was deemed a safe distance. Even police officers were among the crowd. However, shrapnel shot over a thousand feet, across a street and a canal that was bordered by chain link fences.

Although people were warned to stay back, watching what should be a controlled implosion is a fairly routine event. Hundreds of people gather to watch old buildings fall. PG&E officials have stated the demolition plans were reviewed, and that these plans were carried out.  However, the safety measures and the implosion itself are under investigation.

Keeping onlookers, as well as employees, safe should be the number one goal of demolition companies that bring down old buildings. The fact that this one caused shrapnel to fly out a thousand feet cannot be repeated.

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