Bakersfield Man Settles with PG&E for Construction Accident Injuries

PG&E has recently settled with Jerry Wood, a Bakersfield man who was injured in a construction accident occurring during the demolition of a power plant owned by PG&E on August 3, 2013. Wood, a spectator in the crowd at the time of the demolition, was struck by shrapnel and debris from the explosion.

The debris destroyed 80% of the tissue in wood’s left leg and 20% of the tissue in his right leg. It took approximately 25 medical procedures to repair the damage. Some of the procedures performed included bone, skin, and muscle grafts.

Due to the lengthy recovery from the construction accident injury, Wood also lost his job because his company wasn’t able to continue keeping the position open for him.

PG&E released a statement saying that they “moved quickly to settle the claim because it was the right thing to do.” However, the power company claims they weren’t responsible for the construction accident, and they have subsequently filed a legal claim against the subcontractors who performed the demolition. After the accident, state investigators issued fines against two of the subcontractors who handled the demolition due to “serious” and “willful” violations associated with the accident.

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