Our Bakersfield Car Accident Lawyer Supports National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

Holiday celebrations often include alcohol. It is no coincidence then that December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month.

Impaired driving is a leading cause of car accidents, many of which are fatal. If you or a loved one has been injured by an intoxicated driver, Bakersfield car accident lawyer Mickey Fine can take your case and help you get the justice you deserve.

Keep Safe

National Impaired Driving Prevention Month is a joint effort between the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Our California car accident lawyer strongly supports the efforts of these organizations and encourages everyone to be cautious and responsible when driving this Holiday Season.

However, even the most responsible driver cannot prevent others from causing accidents. When you are injured due to someone else’s negligence, Attorney Fine is prepared to take your case as far as needed to secure the maximum compensation you are due.

For more information about your rights following a car accident, please contact the Law Offices of Mickey Fine to schedule a free consultation today. Mickey Fine maintains offices in Bakersfield, California, but if your injury makes travel difficult he would be happy to come to you.

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