When you suffer a traumatic injury you will be faced with excessive medical bills, an inability to work, and untold amounts of pain and suffering. Sadly, with many traumatic injuries, full recovery is impossible, making these damages permanent and demanding aggressive legal representation from an experienced Bakersfield traumatic injury lawyer.

California traumatic injury attorney Mickey Fine has successfully represented victims of traumatic injuries including:

These injuries will require both immediate and long-term medical intervention. They may also necessitate home modifications, adaptive technologies such as wheelchairs, and in-home or residential care. They can make working impossible, compounding your economic damages, and result in a lifetime of physical pain and emotional suffering.

Victims of traumatic injuries in Bakersfield deserve swift justice and full compensation. Mickey Fine is prepared to take your case as far as necessary to see that you are awarded the largest settlement possible.

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Why Choose the Law Offices of Mickey Fine

At the Law Offices of Mickey Fine, we take a team approach to helping victims of personal injury recover to the best of their abilities. We work with each client on an individual basis, taking time to fully understand how your injuries will impact your work, social, and family life. When necessary, we work with experts in various fields to investigate accidents and establish liability, better enabling us to build a rock solid case on your behalf and fight for adequate compensation.

Mickey Fine has over two decades of experience representing victims of traumatic injuries both in and out of the courtroom. If a fair settlement can be reached before a trial, Mickey Fine will work towards that end. However, as an experienced trail attorney, he is prepared to demand a jury trial to ensure you get every penny you deserve. What your particular case may require is dependent on your unique circumstances. This will be discussed in full during your initial consultation.

If you have sustained a traumatic injury in any type of accident, please contact the Law Offices of Mickey Fine to schedule a free case evaluation with our Bakersfield traumatic injury lawyer today.