Amputation is one of the most traumatic personal injuries a person can suffer. Unlike other forms of serious injury, an amputation cannot ever heal nor can full function be expected to return, even with prosthetics.

If you or a loved one has suffered the loss of a limb in an accident, you need an experienced Bakersfield amputation injury attorney on your side as soon as possible. With over two decades of experience helping victims of serious injury get justice, Bakersfield injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Mickey Fine is prepared to take your case and fight for your rights, helping you secure the maximum compensation your injury demands.

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Lifelong Consequences

Amputation injuries are common in construction accidents, motorcycle accidents, and may even be caused by defective products. No matter the cause, lifelong consequences are unavoidable. A missing limb will certainly result in immediate and sustained medical expenses and may also include adaptive technology, home modifications, an inability to work, and untold amounts of pain and suffering.

Sadly, insurance companies are more interested in a quick settlement than in providing you with the compensation you will need to live the best life possible following your accident. Only with the help of an amputation injury attorney can you be sure you are not cheated out of the full compensation you are due.

Bakersfield amputation injury attorney Mickey Fine knows how to help victims get the true compensation they deserve. Working with you individually, Attorney Fine will learn how your injuries have and will continue to affect you and your family, and will take your case as far as necessary to help ensure you are provided with every penny you will need to make the best recovery possible.

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