How Serious Is Whiplash After a Car Accident?

Whiplash Car Accident Injury Claims

Whiplash is the single most common car accident injury. If you are experiencing the symptoms of whiplash after an auto accident in California, you certainly aren’t alone. Many people suffer whiplash in car crashes, and […]

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Who Pays for Damages Caused By Road Debris?

Cracked Windshield

A normal day on the road can all of a sudden turn dangerous when you encounter a sudden piece of debris on the road. Anything from a truck tire to a cardboard box can prove […]

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How Do Motor Vehicle Recalls Happen?

NHTSA Recall

It is likely that you have seen a story involving a vehicle recall in recent months. Auto recalls come about when an automaker reveals that one of their models has a fundamental flaw and they […]

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Understanding and Interpreting Crash Test Results

Crash Test Dummy in Car

Vehicle safety has always been an important aspect of the buying and leasing process. For the most part, today’s vehicles are much safer than the vehicles of the past. However, when choosing a safe vehicle, […]

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