Selfies and Car Accidents in Bakersfield

Selfies While Driving is Distracted Driving

Here are some harrowing facts if you are regularly a driver or passenger in a car:

  • The hashtag #driving can be found on over 3 million selfies posted to Instagram
  • Nearly 50,000 photos posted to Instagram have the hashtag #drivinghome
  • #drivingtowork and #drivingselfie combined account for nearly 15,000 posts to Instagram

These facts indicate that, at nearly anytime on Bakersfield’s busy roads, a driver could be paying more attention to photographing himself than making sure he doesn’t injure you in a car accident.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a factor in hundreds of thousands of car accidents every year. These accidents often result in serious injury or even death. Until now, the biggest risk was texting, but consider this: sending or receiving a text takes the average driver 4.6 seconds.

That’s 4.6 seconds to look at a phone, type out a message, and hit “Send.” How long does taking a selfie take? How long are a driver’s eyes off of the road when taking a picture, making sure it’s satisfactory, uploading it to Instagram, and tagging it? Finally, what kind of danger does that place everyone else on the road? The answer is, significant danger.

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